Learning Journalism in the Office or at Home

Being a journalist is a tough job and reporting is one of the most important jobs around.  Getting to the facts and the truth is especially important in this season of political debate.  The welfare of our entire country is at stake when we elect people to office in our republic and a well informed electorate is the only guard we have against complete chaos.

Unfortunately, in these tough economic times and a good education in journalism can often take a back seat to other priorities. School budgets and programs are being cut back all around the country. Journalism is not only a tough job but recently it has become even tougher to keep the job. If you are a journalist you know what I mean.

Job Security and Advancement

If you are a journalist with a bachelor’s degree you know that your job security and advancement may very well depend upon your continued education. It used to be a difficult thing to hold down a full time reporting job and continue your education at the same time. With the invent of the internet that is all changing.

Learning journalism in the office or at home is now possible. You can study journalism online. If you are an aspiring journalist and your preferred learning method is distance education and e-learning, then you should check out the platform which was made specifically for you on the linked website. You can learn a lot about the profession of journalism and about how to learn journalism in the office or at home there.  As for myself, I like the idea of taking courses online. It is far more efficient and convenient.

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Get Paid for Travel

Open School of JournalismHave you ever dreamed of traveling around the world and going to places you have never seen before? That kind of dreaming prompted many people, including explorers like Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus to journey around the world.

Yes, traveling can be fun and exciting but did you know that you can also make money from your trips? Travel bloggers and journalists bring the world closer to the rest of us netizens who are too tied up with our lives to do the traveling ourselves.  There are plenty of things to consider before becoming a travel writer.

Blog and Online Travel Guides

There are just a few things you have to learn before you truly become a trusted travel journalist. Fortunately, you do not have to attend to a mortar and brick school for you to achieve this level of learning.

Now, thanks to the internet, it is easy to get a long distance education in travel journalism. In short, even while you sit in the comfort of your own home, you are able to learn something worthwhile.

Online learning is also ideal because it is easier to research the subject matter on the internet. This can help you grasp everything there is to learn about travel journalism. Most travelers now consult blogs and online travel guides instead of published guidebooks.

If you have the talent to write and also enjoy traveling, you might want to consider a new career as a travel journalist. Starting a new career as a travel journalist will let you explore all the wonderful places you have always dreamed about while getting on the job training at the same time. First, though, you need to learn the basics and all the cool tricks to make your new career successful. That means enrolling in this online school to get you started.

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Use your spare room to create a fun space for kids and adults alike

poker game table

People assume a gaming room is purely for bloke-bonding, but you can create a room that works for both adults and kids – which should help persuade your partner to let you use the spare room.

Snooker Table

For you and your friends, a snooker table (or a pool table if you prefer) is an absolute must, provided you have enough space. It gives you plenty of options, as you can just have a relaxing game or two with one friend, pot a few balls on your own, or invite all your mates and hold a competition with some money at stake.

Television and Game Consoles

Again this addition is a no-brainer, because it will let you play the likes of Grand Theft Auto and Battlefield 4 with friends – but will also make your kids a lot more interested in the room. The chances are they like console gaming as much as you do, so having either a PlayStation or Xbox console and a television installed will make the room fun for people of all ages.

Poker Table

This one is strictly one for the adults – and a poker table is both a perennially popular choice and a really easy one to arrange. All you really need is a table and a pack of cards and you will be able to have competitive poker nights with mates. Poker is growing in popularity all the time, with online casino and local land-based casinos making it easier than ever to get started – but having a poker table in your spare room is the easiest way of all.


Having either a laptop or a desktop computer in the room lets you play everything from roulette, blackjack and slot machines at an online casino like GamingClub.com, to popular PC games like Diablo 3. Again this will ensure that the room is a fun space for both adults and kids to spend time in.

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Cruise Vacation

 photo ID-100258341_zpsc43f766c.jpg

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I have never been on a cruise ship before. It sounds like a great vacation idea to me. My hubby’s sister and brother in-law went on a cruise out of Seattle that went up the scenic west coast of Canada all the way up to Alaska. They said they had a great time and would like to take another cruise sometime.

My hubby and I have thought about it but our trips usually involve a visit back home to my home country of the Philippines or South America for business. Maybe one of these days, we can take a cruise instead. I have been wanting to visit my sister in Germany for sometime and taking a cruise in the Mediterranean would be a great way to spend some of our vacation time there in Europe.

I was surprised to find out that cruise lines offer many cruises in different parts of the world. They have cruises that not only include places like the Mediterranean sea but the Caribbean, Hawaii, Alaska and South America as well. Most of these cruise lines offer tons of entertainment and great food. These cruises are normally range from three nights to seven nights but can be extended to include exciting excursion in some of the most exciting port cities in the US.

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Hotel & Restaurant Supplies

Hs Inc. HS1037-CH 10-Round Pizza Pleezer, Microwavable, Polypropylene, Charcoal - HS Inc. - HS1037-CH

Revamp your kitchen with the best items you can find at Asian Restaurant Supply, a place to shop for great items to furnish your home or restaurant. Who said you can’t have an Asian-themed kitchen in your humble home?

There are plenty of supplies for your kitchen, with items ranging from small tabletop necessities to modern restaurant-grade heavy duty equipment to useful furniture. There are also cute signages you can add to your kitchen for an extra jazzy feel, letting your family feel like you are all dining out even when you are just eating in your home.

For new sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and everything in your bedroom, check out the items offered at PeachSuite Hotel Supplies. You can enjoy luxurious beddings at your own home – no need to go to a hotel to have a great time.

Furnish Your Hotel Room Kitchens

If you are a hotel owner looking for various supplies, you can find an assortment of items at PeachSuite to furnish your hotel. This is the place to shop for everything you need for your hotel, be it lotions, bar soaps, shampoo and conditioner, feminine hygiene items, and even condoms.

There are also small appliances to furnish the hotel room kitchens. Looking for something fun to jazz up your kitchen? Try the items offered at Pizza Shop Supplies. Great for commercial pizza shops, you can even find pizza cutting guides, pizza boxes, and pizza delivery bags. Other items you can find at the online store include pizza dough dockers, pizza pan separators, pizza slice boxes, heated holding cabinets, and pizza box warmers.

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Electronic Cartridges Refill Cartridges

Menthol 2% Express Ecig Refill Cartridges 3 PackThere’s a new, trendy way to enjoy your nicotine fix nowadays: electronic cigarettes are here to stay. It is something that has been on the market for years but just recently have been gaining popularity. E cigs allow smokers to enjoy a puff anytime, anywhere they want even in areas where traditional smoking is prohibited. Why can you still smoke in prohibited areas when using an e cigarette? Well, technically it is not the traditional tobacco cigarette, which users have to light up, then puff to produce smoke. An e cig is different because it doesn’t require combustion. All you have to do is to inhale using the cigarette look alike to inhale the vapor. The e cig uses a rechargeable battery which can be used for many cycles before running out of power. There is no lingering odor, tar, residue or smoke. Thus, you can use it out in public without offending people around you. For that reason alone, this trendy cigarette option has become a favorite among professionals and people working in an office setting as well. It appeals to people of all walks of life, allowing them to enjoy a worry-free puff, at their leisure.

Wide Range of Choices with Special Deals

blueberry Electronic Cigarette RefillsWhat makes these delightful options even better is that you can choose e cigarette cartridges in many different flavors, appealing choice for both men and women. The cartridges come in delicious candy and juice flavors. You can indulge yourself in tasty choices, such as strawberry, peach, apple, chocolate and cappuccino. If you would rather have a rugged or cigar flavor, such a cartridge is also available for you to enjoy. The e cigarettes even look like the traditional ones. You can enjoy smoking without worrying too much about sharing second smoke with your family. You would not be smoking, after all, but “vaping” which is the term used for using the e cigarettes. The next time you go for a puff, you can tell your friends that you’ll be out “vaping” for a while. Better yet, simply whip out your e cigarette and take a puff. You wouldn’t be disturbing them with your smoke.

Are you wondering where to buy e cigarettes online? Stores like 21stCenturySmoke have these items on their virtual shelves. You can find a  offered if you buy them in a bundle or if you try some of their new items. You can enjoy added perks, such as same-day shipping if you check out the cart before the cut-off time (12 pm CST) or get free shipping if your order is more than $25.

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Alternative Ways of Learning About the World-Cup

I am a sports minded person but I have never tried betting on sports through online casinos. I have bought lottery tickets from time to time but I had never been into a casino until four years ago. My hubby had visited Las Vegas once many years ago but did not bet. He only went there for the food and it turned out to be really good at a very reasonable price. Because of that experience, he thought going to a nearby casino for our first wedding anniversary would be a good idea. I was excited about the plan because it would also be my first time in a casino. It was such a nice experience for me to be able to see those machines up close and watch people playing while having a nice dinner at the same time. Unfortunately, the prime rib turned out to be the worst my hubby had ever tasted. It was tough as shoe leather and tasted like it too.

Personally I have never had any experienced playing at a casino but from my own perspective, playing casinos online is a more convenient and easy way to play for real money. Many gamblers prefer to play online rather than going out, especially during the frigid cold winter season. Playing online also saves travel expenses, especially if you live a long way from the nearest casino.

Sports Betting Community

Titan Bet is a sports betting community or shall we say a gambling community where gamblers from around the world meet. Since the site has been launched many years ago, it has been changed from a web portal to a sharing community. In short, they have changed more than just their looks. Formerly a new information and reviews resource, Titan Bet is now more of a user content application site.

As the number of new members keeps increasing, Titan Bet will definitely continue to grow and will become the most popular online gaming community on the web in the near future. Their main purpose is to enrich gamblers’ lives by providing a sharing community, advantageous services, top sportsbook guides, rich media broadcasts, step by step guides and many more special features. Furthermore, Titan Bet is a channel where you can enjoy the atmosphere that the premier league provides with all the bets available on all the games, week after week, fixture after fixture, through the FA Cup and League Cup, to the European competitions.

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